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Benches & Home Gym

Large Variety of Benches and Home Gyms with different sizes and weights


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Weight Bench 210

Multi-position back pad that adjusts to upright, incline, decline, and flat exercises. Compact design, sturdy frame construction
199 JOD 250 JOD

Sit Up Bench 104

For abdominal and upper body exercises, durable steel frame with padded surface and adjustable heights. foldable
49 JOD 65 JOD

Cable Machine Attachment Rope

heavy-duty Triceps Rope Cable Attachment
19 JOD

Triceps V bar Machine Handles 405

cap chromed triceps press-down bar attachment from durable steel construction, knurled handgrips
19 JOD

Double Grip Cable machine Handle Triangle

High quality chrome steel exercise handle,Ideal for developing a variety of muscle groups
19 JOD

D Handle Grip Machine Home Gym Square Steel

Home Gym Square Steel
15 JOD 19 JOD

Chrome Lat Bar machine handle 100 cm

Wide grip Pro style lat bar offers a wide variety of workouts including arms, back and shoulder movements , 100 cm long
40 JOD

Home Gym Cable Attachment Handle Machine 2 grips

Home Gym handle bar 2 grips
35 JOD

Solid Steel Short Curl/Row Bar Machine Cable Attachment

heavy-duty machine handle Short Curl/Row Bar
19 JOD

Machine Handle 414

heavy-duty machine handle 414
19 JOD

Power Sled with Harness

Build explosive speed and strength with this weighted sled
49 JOD 75 JOD

Power Sled Heavy C19

Power Sled C19 is a Compact, mighty, and versatile enough for push, pull and speed training on almost any surface
149 JOD 200 JOD

Barbell Landmine

Heavy duty Barbell Landmine with weight works on olympic and regular bars
119 JOD 150 JOD

Weight Bar Stand and Squat Rack

Multi-Function Barbell Rack and Adjustable Squat Rack
79 JOD