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Delivery To All Over the Kingdom

Possibility to deliver to all over the kingdom with adding shipping fees

Buy whatever you want from footballs to electric treadmills from your home through our website, and we will deliver it to you wherever you are in Jordan from north to south.
Our products are easily Shipped. You can buy any product regardless of the price and quantity
Collect the products weights:
  • If the weight is less than 10 kg, 3 JD will be added as shipping fees
  • If the weight is more than 10 kg and then Every 5 kg has 4 JD shipping fees
  • For Equipments there are fixed shipping fees regardless the weight
  • Delivery within 3 days


Example 1:

If you buy:

  • 1- Sauna suit of 0.85 kg weight 10 JD
  • 2- thermal shorts of 0.5 kg weight 10 JD
  • 3- belly corset of 0.3 kg weight 5 JD
  • 4- spinning disk of 0.6 kg weight 5 JD
  • 5- jumping robes of 0.2 kg weight 3 JD
  • 6- Islamic swimwear of 0.65 kg weight 19 JD
Total weight is 3.1 kg, total price is 52 JD

Total weight: 3.1 kilogram, which means less than 10 kilos, then only 3 dinars will be added as delivery fees on the purchase value.

So the bill total will be 52+3 (shipment fees) = 55 JD to your door


Example 2:

If you buy:

  • 1- Crazy Fit Massage 49 kg 220 JD
Total weight is 49 kg, total price is 220 JD

This item has a 20 JD fixed shipping fees

So the bill total is 220+20 (shipment fees) = 240 JD to your door

For more information call: 0796015599