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Our Dealers

As the ultimate sports experts since 1975, being our agent  means that we provide your customers with the necessary advertising and promotion to sell our products, in addition to providing post-sale services  and the opportunity to be part of the "Baraka" sports, health, and happiness community.


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For more information, please write to us at info@barakasports.com


Q1: What are the main objectives of the support provided to agents?

  1.       All marketing aspects in your area will be fully paid and supported by Baraka Sports (including electronic advertising, display stands, etc.)
  2.       Maintenance services for all our equipment, provided and paid by Baraka Sports during the warrantee period.
  3.       Technical electronic support by a specialized team for our website and other social media sites, which direct customers to make purchases from your store, or buy online and direct the sale to the agent.
  4.       We have been around since 1975. We have a large number of followers and our reputation is the best in Jordan. This gives customers the confidence to buy from the agent.
  5.       Our equipment comes with explanatory videos and exercises from trainers who are specialized in our equipment. We provide blogs with specialists, online forums and interviews with world champions and coaches, to our clients for maximum benefit from our products.
  6.       We provide all spare parts necessary for our equipment free of charge during the warrantee period.


Q2: What are the agent's main objectives?

  1.       Follow-up on customer orders and train customers on using the equipment (guide them using Baraka Sports explanatory films and videos).
  2.       Deliver and install products.
  3.       Receive payments from customers.
  4.       Follow-up with customers for after-sale service.
  5.       Coordinate with Baraka Sports to prepare for purchase operations and new goods.


Q3:  What is the program for me to become a Baraka Sports agent?

  1.       We will carry out the promotion, marketing, and advertising for our products to attract customers and direct them to your stores. We produce online commercials for your stores.
  2.       We attract customers on social media to follow us at Baraka Sports thus widening our online community which enables its participants to know about the most recent and important new products and sports and health information essential for their health.
  3.       We perform maintenance and trouble-shooting for all our equipment.
  4.       We sell our products online and direct the sale to the agent.
  5.       We supply you with our products and agencies.


Q4: What is the minimum level of orders for me to become an agent?

  1.       A registered or updated import company.
  2.       Display space or office for exhibiting the products.
  3.       Delivery truck and driver.
  4.       Payment for goods purchased and storage space.


Q5: Is there a minimum limit for purchases?

The minimum limit is a 20 foot container.


Q6: What are the most important three reasons for you to become our agent?

  1.       We have been the sports experts since 1975, and we have an integrated group of companies for trading, electronic marketing, import and export.
  2.       We operate the most important website specialized in trading in home sports equipment in the region.
  3.       We will provide you with technical and commercial support that will guarantee your success.


Q7: How are our products different from other products?

  1.       Our products have the CE and world quality certifications.

Our prices are highly competitive as a result of our long experience in sports and our keenness on dealing with high-quality manufacturers who have the ability and continuity.