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Pro-Style Barbell

Pro-Style Black Rubber Barbell one of the most durable barbells on the market.
30 JOD

Standard Tri Grip Rubber Coated Weight Plates

High quality assorted rubber weights tri grips
2.25 JOD 2.5 JOD

Weight Cement plate

High quality Cement plate 29mm Hole tri grips
1.5 JOD 1.9 JOD

Rubber Olympic Plates

Black Rubber Olympic Plates with handles and mental ring 1.25, 2.5, 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 & 25KG

Strong man Log

Strongman Log Overhead Lifting Bar for use with Olympic Plates and Bumper Plates Multiple Grips
99 JOD 150 JOD

Medicine Ball Rubber weight

Rubber Medicine Ball or fitness ball different weights for upper- and lower-body exercises

Wall Ball Soft Medicine with Grips

Wall Ball Soft with Attachable Grips for full body workouts , sizes up-to 20 Kg
39 JOD 55 JOD

ًWeight Ball with one handle

Weight Ball with one handle different weights for upper- and lower-body exercises
2.5 JOD 5 JOD

York Weight Plates

2.5mm Iron Cast Weight Plate

Bulgaria Sandbag 29

Bulgaria sandbag is a complete tool to add strength, stability and speed to your endurance training sessions, weight 5, 10, 15 & 20 KG
29 JOD 35 JOD

Barbell Rack

Barbell Rack is perfect for keeping your gym clean and tidy with some of the best and strongest storage for up to 10 barbells.
199 JOD 400 JOD


Sledge Hammer multiple weights from 6kg to 45 kgs
69 JOD 72 JOD

Weighted Jump rope

High quality weighted jump rope with bearings

Weighted skipping Jump rope

High quality weighted jump & skipping rope with bearings weight